Check your sperm quality
within a minute, at home

Its' easy with the Seem kit and smartphone app

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Know your condition

Seem is a sperm testing app that runs on your smartphone.
Simply use our app and special kit to capture video and check
the health of your sperm at home. It's easy to do, and gives
men the opportunity to actively participate in the process of
trying to conceive.

Check your sperm condition
at home made simple

  • Sperm Checking at Home

    Sperm Checking at Home

    Our app analyzes your semen
    and measures the concentration
    and motility of your sperm
    within a minute.

  • Works with your Smartphone

    Works with your Smartphone

    Everything you need is included in our kit.
    Once you have the kit,
    install the app and
    you are ready to go.

  • Monitor yourself

    Monitor Yourself

    The condition of your sperm changes
    depending on your general health,
    environment and lifestyle.
    Take multiple measurements
    to monitor
    your reproductive health
    and identify trends.

Seem Kit

Seem Kit
Easy to use

Easy to use

  1. step 1

    Collect your semen sample
    and wait 15 minutes.

  2. step 2

    Stir the semen.

  3. step 3

    Apply the semen
    to the slide.

  4. step 4

    Take a video using
    the smartphone app.

This service is a simple sperm measurement tool.
It is not intended to replace a diagnosis from a
medilcal professional and is not a conclusive
diagnostic tool. We always recommend getting tested
by a medical profeccional when necessary.